Complaints choirs

Joint speech is an excellent means for making communal concerns explicit.  And so it came about in 2005 that the residents of the “arsehole of Britain” (Birmingham, obviously) responded enthusiastically to the suggestions of a pair of visiting Finns, and the world’s first complaints choir was born. The history of this global phenomenon is told here. Choirs sprang up around the world. They were banned in Singapore (for shame!). There does not seem to be any end to the list of things people like to complain about: My dreams are boring. My neighbour organises Hungarian folk dance classes above my bedroom. I cant stop thinking about sex! My grandmother is racist. I’m sure you can add one or two yourself. Here, then, are some examples. You will find very many more at the the complaints choir website.

The Birmingham original:

Canada chimes in:

Singapore (caution, the authorities do not want you seeing this one):